Silicon Technology: CustomCells Teams up With Enevate

German battery manufacturer CustomCells has announced a license agreement with Californian battery developer Enevate. The aim of the partnership is to bring Enevate’s silicon-based XFC-Energy battery technology to the European and global markets, particularly in the electric vehicle sector.

First cells already produced

CustomCells has already successfully produced cells with Enevate’s silicon battery technology. Initial talks with “leading OEMs” in the field of electric mobility have also begun. In the coming years, the company plans to expand its production to capacities in the gigawatt-hour range. The extent to which Enevate’s technology will be used has not been disclosed.

Higher charging speeds

Enevate claims that its battery technology enables “up to ten times faster” charging compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. Other benefits cited by the company include high energy density, improved safety, superior performance at low temperatures, and a reduced carbon footprint. Enevate’s technology is also claimed to be compatible with existing battery manufacturing infrastructure, meaning that no new capital-intensive processes are required.


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