SVOLT Announces LFP Cells With up to 5C Charging Rates

“Battery-News” presents an up-to-date overview of planned and already implemented projects in the field of lithium-ion battery production in North America. As usual, the relevant data comes from official announcements by the respective players and from battery production sources.

SVOLT Energy Technology from China has announced various fast-charging products with prismatic short-blade cells at its own Battery Day. The company explains that as the transitiony towards electric mobility progresses, consumers’ focus has shifted from range to charging time. Fast charging has therefore become a key requirement.

Mass production beginning in second half of 2024

In the battery electric vehicle segment, SVOLT has launched L400 and L600 fast-charging cells which are based on LFP chemistry. These are to be available with capacities of 105, 130 and 133 ampere-hours. According to the company, it is planned to further develop the L600 cells for charging scenarios from 3C to 4C. Mass production of these cells is set to begin in the third quarter of 2024. The L400 model is expected to offer charging rates of 4C to 5C to meet the requirements of 800-volt high-voltage vehicles. Series production is planned for the fourth quarter of 2024.


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